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Mods not working right

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I've tried figuring this out on my own and can't figure out why it won't work. Whenever a scene activates the character just stand there. Sometimes the game crashes. I think it might be a load order thing, but FNIS and BOSS do not seem to fix the problem. I've included a screenshot of my mod list, maybe someone could look at it and see what I'm not.


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I would think that it would be that the installation of PCEA might not be working correctly.



Actor Events not sure that you should have this old mod in your load order and I could have sworn there was a good reason for not having this mod, but cant remember why.


Not sure what Sexlab rape is or if its even compatible with Defeat which I would think its not.


Now, here's the thing....


Your characters could very well be not animating because you didn't go into Sexlab's MCM menu and actually activate Sexlab.

Even then you actually have to separately activate Creature Sex in Sexlab for those animations to register with the system.



For Sexlab to do anything you actually have to go into its MCM, read through the options and procede to register the animations and start up the module.


Basically the characters not animating and the crashing can likely be two separate issues, and not related to one another.



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Just run LOOT for load order...


Stop using Boss altogether and try not to say "I use Boss" cause people that mod regular don't use it anymore.


PCEA Im not entirely sure I stopped using it cause it just felt like a lot of extra work to do to have separate animations.


What I do now is I just create a female folder in the animations folder, place all animations for female characters in that folder even combat animations.

Male Animations go in the normal folder.


FNIS has an actual option to have segregated gender animations, without any extra stuff to do other than just throw animations in female folder.


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