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Jumping Problem


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Hey Everybody, I just finished Miraak's part and starting there and still now every time I *Jump I lose the ability to Move (Froze on the spot) no compass, no any button commands and unable to move. While researching other Glitches in that quest I ran across "enableplayercontrols 1" and that's what I used to move on from them but even now back in Skyrim that jumping problem persists. Jumping is critical and absolutely needed and going into the console every time is terribly Frustrating. Anybody know how to Fix this?

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Probably load a save from before you entered and just test to see if the issue is happening...Keep going back saves...


I know it bites I've had to do that for weird issues that didn't have immediately easy answers, and sometimes the answers come a lot later than is useful.

Example, I had an issue with Frostfall and getting wet in water right....Well characters wet but suddenly it would steam up and be dry....had to load a bunch of saves and test....Then much later I figured out that Dawnbreaker a vanilla daedric weapon applies a cloak effect that is consider fire damage thus firing off the Steam effect from being wet in Frostfall ><


Also I figured out that Dawnstar's cloak effect can agro small animals causing your follower to chase down and kill bunny rabbits another bug I thought originally was mod related ><


Now Im not saying its going to be like that but maybe it could turn out to be.

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:) Ya, that would *Bite. Doing all the Miraak and Solshteim thing again. Could there be any effects persisting that I could check? I first noticed this when I jumped off a level on Acropyhia to a lower level to loot a pod. This happened again when I was forced off the Dragon to meet Miraak himself (Frozen to the spot). I've always had problems when being forced OFF of furniture (Sit) or other Animation. Hence I now do only a rare few Mods.

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I just noticed the "ZBF Collar Black" somehow fix's (because I couldn't go adventuring w/o jumps). the only Mod I have that does any force sits or stand ups is the "Prison Overhaul" but I hav'nt done that in quite a long time and have *Jumped hundreds of times since then and everything was fine. Something "I believe" is affecting my character (w/o that collar). I've always had problems with game enforced sits and stands.

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Was *Arrested in Riften earlier (Still don't know why :) ) and when the jailer forced the Unsit from the pillory it *Spawned a 2nd pillory with me still locked in. The original pillory stayed and I'm still posing and in the new pillory following the guard. This has happened long ago but the Jumping problem only started a few days ago. I *Think there is a *Lingering effect that is still affecting my Avi. Does anybody know a Console command to "Stop All Effects"?

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