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[File Request] True Eyes Ningheim patch

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 So I finally got a New PC up and running that can run Skyrim at full assblast in super-mega-ultra-shit-your-pants-HD, and once I got all the basic mod setups and got to putting together my old Ningheim character, and i'll be god damned if the True Eyes mod had been taken down ( and the patch to make them use-able with Ningheim characters with it ). I went and checked my NMM mods library on my old PC and unfortunately I either didn't keep a copy of the file somewhere, or I just didn't install it with NMM and thus it keep a copy of it saved in it's folder.

So, TL;DR, 
  Anyone wanna PM me that Ningheim True Eyes patch/The whole file so I can keep it for posterity and all that?
( and yes i'm aware of the drama about why the file is taken down, let's try and refrain shitting up the thread with that )

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