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Ingame menues and interactions


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I am sorry if this has been addressed somewhere. I promise I have looked and searched.


I have been using Four-Play with all additions (except the preggers one) and everything worked as it should.

However, after Fallout has been updated and I have updated the F4SE I am unable to access Violate, Sex Em Up etc. from the Mod Options menu (MCM)

They simply does not appear there. I have the "data tapes" so I can access some of the menues via my pipboy.

But it is not enough. I cannot assign a hotkey. Also numpad hotkeys during sex scenes doesnt work either.


Oh and the freecam doesnt activate either.


The scenes / mods themselves work fine, I just cant interact with them.

Any help will be appreciated.


If you need any logs, let me know.



And thanks for a great NSFW community.


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Guest O.Cobblepot

Newest F4SE have some flaws so hotkeys not working,but it's crew are aware of this problem,so you just need to wait until it's fixed,in the meantime people just went back to fallout version 1.10.26 again.


Edit: F4SE have been updated/fixed,1.10.40 is good to go :D

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