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Getting back into modding...

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While I've done my fair share of modding in the past, I took a pretty long break from Skyrim after pretty much everything went boom and the problem I was having baffled a lot of people and started getting more frustrating than anything to deal with given how evasive the issue was (somewhere a script was failing without a trace and gunking tons of references up, even after enabling/disabling/uninstalling/reinstalling all my ~200 mods).


I was trying to hold out for the SSE/SKSE and so on but I've been Sexy-rim-deprived for too long, now and want to get back into things.  I guess I've just got a thing for CtD'ing deep down inside that I don't want to admit :expressionless:.


Anyways, it looks like a ton has changed.  Last I knew, UUNP was just emerging and there was a lot of disjoint stuff with physics (havok object vs weighted skeletons etc.).  I'm seeing a lot of talk about SMP and physics/collisions that look *way* better than I could ever seem to pull off.


Curious to know what's changed around this scene in my ~two years' absence to make things look so good and seemingly work so well.  I noticed even NMM is supposedly better now (does it compete with MO?  Is the Win10 MO bug (part of what I believe to be a problem I was having fixed?).  Things like that.  Pointers to specific mods or general explanations to help me get things set up correctly rather than me just throwing things at MO until something works would be lovely.






P.S.:  If anyone knows of good resources for where I can start learning how to combine/make animations, it'd be super appreciated.  I've always wanted to make Nipple Magic and its spell locations at the breasts work without the flying animation.

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14 minutes ago, DeadFish__ said:

There is currently already a nipple spell mod

(I don't actually get what you mean by "Without the flying animation". Does that mod have a flying animation? I don't use it and I can't seem to view the GIFs but there seems to be a "standing on ground" set of animations)

I believe that's the mod I used.  The standing animations were weird in that they didn't really work that well, especially with another weapon/whatever equipped, and really didn't work at all while moving and casting, which is pretty important, and it forcefully replaced the character's idle animations when equipped with magic with the sexy idles mod which depending on body proportions caused some clipping issues last I tried.  I tried to mess around with some file replacement to no avail in hopes to override it.  If you put an anim pack later in the load order, you'd then overwrite nipple magic's spell locations and cast animations entirely, resulting in spells being held in the hand and cast from the breasts, which just looked silly.  If you overwrote it with mods which didn't do this, I always found you just would end up with flailing arms as though casting spells from the hand, which also looked silly.


Really, I guess even just having a mod which relocates the spell spawns to attach to the nipple part of the skeleton that has no animation would honestly do the trick.  Not sure if that's possible, though.  I could never really get a handle on SKSE scripting.

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