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Static pose in ShowLooksMenu


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I'm trying to use "animation" with static pose for looks menu.

So far I found out that for this purpose below 2 animations are used:





I converted these 2 anims using animation kit from nexus, and I found out that these animations use 2 annotations:

        <array name="annotations" size="2">
            <real name="time">x3727c5ac <!-- 1e-005.0 --></real>
            <string name="text">startanimatedcamera.animObjectA</string>
            <real name="time">x3727c5ac <!-- 1e-005.0 --></real>
            <string name="text">EnableHeadTracking</string>


I tried to put these annotations for single frame or separate frames, and having my static pose animation exported, when I use slm 14, and I switch to body edit, F4 switches to my static pose, but camera is not repositioning like for oryginal animations. And I can't turn around the head with a mouse.


One thing which is interesting is that time is presented as 1e-005.0 from xml file, usually values are like 0.1, or 0.4.

I am not sure how to set value 1e-005.0 for annotations in 3ds max :( 1e-005.0 equals 1*10 ^ -5 equals 0.00001?


I would appreciate some help here.

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