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[Conan Exiles Server]-PrimalRage!-[Primitive Themed]-[PvP-RP-ERP]


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Primal Rage Conan Exiles Server!  
In a land left backwards in time.. where the only thing you can rely on to keep you alive is your animalistic instincts.. survive as a lone hermit or unit as a tribe, become feared savage warlords and conquer the land's before you, capture your enemies and trade flesh for the favor of the god's or keep them around to do your bidding, sell them on to further your cause.. in this primitive land, morality is a rare luxury, everyday is survival..

Primal Rage is a PVP-RP Server that runs the Primitive Tribal Mod, we are set in a land where the only inhabitants are warring tribes, slavers and cannibals.. set in an era where the only armor you have is a piece of cloth to cover your "special bits" and your only weapons and tools are made from a crude obsidian.. make your mark on the lands and declare your territory today!

Mods Needed To Play On The Server

listed by load order



Extreme Exiles

World Of Conan



Sexile's 1.17.1

Server IP -
Failing that search for PrimalRage in the server listings

Server Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/SYw44y

Join the steam server group for more updates!


Happy Gaming!


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