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Viral Power Armor - Exo frame - issue with nif


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Hey fellow modders,


I'm trying to do some fixes for Viral Power Armor Exo Frame for PA which I extracted from another mod and released as separate mod:



on the beginning I wanted to fix hands in exo frame, but the whole nif looks wierd in Nifscope.

The thing is that untouched nif from oryginal mod creator works fine in game even if looks f..up in nifskope.


After I replaced hands with cbbe female hands, even everything looks fine in Outfit studio, but arms are floating in game, like in Nifskope. Interesing is that, legs are fine in game, even are rotated in Nifskope...


Here are screens:

In Nifskope after modification:

In Nifskope oryginal:
In OS looks fine, after modification, but also oryginal is fine:
What can be the issue?
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