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Piper voice & sounds for Four Play?

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So as I was playing some of the Leito's superb animations with Four Play I realized that Piper was also using the same voice / sound 'samples' or 'set' as the default character's, for both Vanilla and Aggressive animation FX. Someone probably went through a lot of dialogue for the default character's set and 'cropped' the voice and sounds to put them for use during the animations.


Would anyone be willing to try to do that but for Piper instead? It's... probably going to be time-consuming, going through most (if not all) her dialogue and voice and FX in the game to find some worthy "Ohhs" and "Ahhs" to put in for use during animations. So yeah, humbly 'asking' (suggesting) that someone out there could try and see what can be done about that. Well, considering that it HAS been done with the default character in mind then I assume at least technically-speaking it'd be possible to do the same with Piper instead.


Alright, that's about it, it's my "request" I guess.

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