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Help with minor incompatibility issue

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So I installed Arbitration, which is a mod that changes a few things in the A.I., a few values to make sneaking harder, and a couple of other gameplay settings, including how much damage the player receives and deals to the enemy, for those players who want a 'realistic' Fallout experience, where everyone's DTs are lowered, to the point where guns deal aprox. damage to their real life counterparts.


However, I also went ahead and installed 'Survival Options', which is basically a mod that adds a few toggleable options in its MCM menu regarding the Survival difficulty. One of these options is how much damage the player deals and receives, much like Arbitration. So there's the 'incompatibility'. And even worse, I'm playing on Survival, which makes it so the enemies have more health and deal my damage by default.


My question is, how do I make these work together? Do I just place whichever mod I want to be one that actually sets how much damage I deal and receive last in my load order, or is there another way to do it?

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