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[REQUEST] - Ragnarok Online, 3rd job Nude


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Hello Everyone! First of all, i'm really sorry about my english... (i'm trying to use the google translator, feelsbadman)

Second... I was searching for some... Mods, for RO, and i found a nude mod, but... Only for 1-1/2-1/2-2/T., and, searching a little more, i found a 3rd sprites, somes topless, somes with a huge boobs, and the request is...

I'm so bad drawing pixel art, like is ro sprites... So... Someone can do a nude mod? Editing the sprites?

I'm uploading the sprites files.

Just one thing, RO Uses a bitmap of 24 bits. 

If anyone found a full 3rd nude mod (Archbishop especially.) or edit this, send me, and i will upload a grf file with those nudes ~

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