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Dymoria in Development: Multiplayer Online RPG


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Hey there, everyone! 

I'm just updating this first post to reflect recent updates and to clean up the post, etc.






  • Feb 01, 2018: Resource system, plant/crop growth and harvesting, and plant proliferation; this should be hitting the live server in a couple weeks. This is needed as a prerequisite for crafting.
  • Simple client pass coming soon to simplify the almost non-existent UI.


Name of the Game


The name of the world is Dymoria.




The theme/era will be the post-post apocalypse. The world was destroyed, civilization was wiped out, the world has recovered, and plants have become the apex predators of the world. As a species on the brink of extinction, the players will struggle to survive against the odds, to eek out a life in a hostile world where even in a multiplayer world, you may feel completely alone. There will be no story, as this game is about surviving and crafting, and living a simulated life in a harsh world. 


Game Style


3rd person, tile-based RPG-- in 3D. If take the visual styles of Stardew Valley and Minecraft and pretend they had a baby then you will have and idea of what Dymoria will look like. I've included some more recent images from development.




While I haven't finished a base character model yet (to be honest, I suck at modeling humanoids, so it's taking awhile)-- the races will be Humans and Anipeds. Anipeds are races which have mutated and evolved through the post apocalypse era, but like humans are on the brink of extinction due to the proliferation of the carnivorous plant life. Anipeds will consist of humanoid cats, canines, and rabbits. 




Enemy NPCs will, primarily, consist of very dangerous, carnivorous plants. Some will be seeking to eat you, and some will be seeking to plant pods in you in order to reproduce. There are two breeds of test plants on the live server running around right now. They are non-aggressive, but simply exist as NPC code testers.


Planned Modding and Mod Support


All objects and textures of the PC client are stored in their native OBJ, FBX, and PNG formats. Meaning any person will be able to modify the meshes, animations, and objects on their end simply by loading up the objects in their favorite programs, creating whatever modifications they want, and placing it back into the client folder. Hopefully, this will foster a fabulous modding community which will enrich the game.


Free to Play


The desired direction of the game is to be 100% free to play. I am hoping, as the game develops that the game will become community supported and I can work on this one game, full time, for as long as can be done.


Completed Features


  • 100% authoritative server. The entire world, all the game play mechanics are blackboxed on the server. The client exists solely as a dumb terminal for the server. In other words, disassembling the client, trying to bypass client limitations, does not matter, since all game mechanics are governed server-side.
  • 1000+ players per server shard (limitation based on server hardware). The choice was to go with an old-school tile-based game (but in 3 dimensions) without realistic physics to allow for much simpler player syncing and a much larger player base. This was stress tested to the tune of 2,000 entities; which is twice what the server is actually designed to handle.
  • Custom 3D voxel engine that allows for heavy world shaping/customization. The world can be massive in size, but is also broken down into sub-regions.
  • Live test server that is used to test features as they develop.


Planned Adult Content


Coming from an adult background, fetish content is a bit of a specialty of mine. Dymoria will be an adult world for adults. Capturing and enslaving both humanoid NPCs and players will be a thing. Death will be permanent and heirs will be needed to keep your homestead/territory should you die in the world... lest, you be locked out of your own home. Heirs will be acquired by doing what adults do-- Not only that, a slew of adult furniture, complete with animations, will be able to be crafted by players who have progressed in the world. 


There will be white zones and red zones in the world; white zones will be 'safe' regions where players cannot be enslaved and red zones will be regions where consent is assumed simply by entering. 


While game will contain adult content, the focus isn't adult content. It will be first and foremost, a life simulator in a fantasy world. Sex will be a part of that world, but not central to the world. Survive, live, work, and play. :smile:


Development LIVE Server


Want to see how things are progressing for yourself? Please do keep in mind this is core development of the server framework and not a game.




Development Blog


The development blog for Dymoria can be found on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lillybyte 


I often stream development live on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/lillybyte


There are no Patreon-only posts right now, and as the project progresses rewards will be offered to Patreon supports in the way of title-credits, supporter credits, and exclusive in-game Patreon-only cosmetics (once we have characters and clothing, mind you).



Finally, some screen shots have been attached of of work in progress.


I will update this post regularly as the project develops.


Many of these screen shots contain placeholder graphics: 







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A big thank you to the people from LoversLab who dropped by and checked out the server last night and this morning! ... and for playing around with the server! I will definitely be looking forward to future visits as the world evolves! <3 <3 <3 You guys were awesome. :)


The game has been given an official name: Dymoria.


The URL for the HTML5 client will be http://www.dymoria.com


I'll be streaming some content creation and then programming as I add new objects to world in about two hours-- the stream will run for about 6-7 hours via Twitch (SFW work content however, you know, Twitch rules!)


Hope to see you there! :)



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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a little update; I have added the basics of our main protagonists; carnivorous plant NPCs. A lot of the underlying code has been polished, to save a lot of trouble in the future.


A main character model is still on the To Do... quite frankly, I suck horribly at creating humanoids, so it's taking awhile to create a base human mesh.


However, despite that; code is moving forward. Going to try to introduce very basic combat system over the next week. Looking to adding the foundation of surrendering and collaring by January.


The basis of the crafting system will also be implemented soon; I need to implement a database on the server side so it can determine what begets what before opening up crafting on the client.


Also, the game has an official name: Dymoria


And the development/test server can be found at http://www.dymoria.com



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