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Optimizing My Load Order. Thoughts? Tweaks?


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Hello everyone.


I spent the last 4 days meticulously installing mods with Mod Organzier. I finally got Skyrim running smoothly at 60 FPS even with my TL:DR list of mods. 


I am at the point where my knowledge of modding ends!! I could really use the communities help!! 

There are still a few minor issues like breast/butt twitches and stretching, HDT objects vibrating/jiggling while standing still etc that I would like to iron out. Otherwise the game runs fine!! Smooth animations, collision is working, no crashes thus far!! I am quite proud of the progress I have made!!!



My load order is in a txt file below. Any thoughts? Tweaks for optimization?? Yes there are some redundancies but they are a'' pre-requisite mods. 

Again....its TL:DR and I dont know how to do that "Hide/Show" thing yet!!...you have been warned!!




Thank you in advance!!

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