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Mod: Need help on creating NPCs


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Hello folks, I hope someone can help me with this one.


I'm getting good results on a "hire escort" mod I'm working on, but got stuck recently with the following: I need certain number of NPC (sims) to be available to hire.


This mod basically works like this:

You have to hire them from the phone -> household -> Hire an Escort, then a Sim picker pops up showing all the escorts available. Since I cannot generate a desired number of sims it only throws 1 sim (an adult female) generated by a Template_Chooser.


I tried different ways to change values at the Sim_Filter, Template_Chooser and Sim_Template I've created for this propose, and results on the same. But I think it has something to do with a python workaround that must be done, I don't know, just guessing.


Someone has a clue, some info that can help me with this?


Thank you.



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