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[Request][Idea]Equippable Bound Offsets

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But they wouldn't actually be offsets as used in Skyrim. They would be armors you equipped that put a set of arms into the position you wanted. Like the Dwarven Devious Curiass.


There's a whole load of awesome animations done by the animators here. There's also a great selection of bound ones, but I've always been a fan of cheating if possible to expand my options. Basically, I want to convert vanilla sexlab animations into bound ones in the laziest way (for me, not for the person who can work Blender/3DMax.) possible. I've done this in the past combining Zaz's old Armbinder with Amputator to remove the arms during scenes. This works pretty well, but since the arms are meant to be out of the way, the armbinder can end up clipping through the partner(s).


Using the "Asylum clothing," cheating gets a bit easier:



The armor, I assume as I haven't looked in the CK, just has no real arms to speak of and uses the hands equip slot as well.


But what I'm hoping for is a set of equippable arms with bonds. If the cuffs aren't part of the mesh, they would just float in the air where the arms should be. Something using the wrist cuffs out of Zaz/T.ara's pack would be great:



Basically, that right there, preferably with less clipping (maybe animated light struggle like zazapoa004, but I'm not asking for a miracle). Except the whole thing is a mesh/armor you equip in the body and hands slot to fake the whole thing. You still have invisible arms floating around. But I don't care all that much about that.


The only problems I can think of is that the lighting will not hit the arms correctly since they are setup to use the default pose, or it relative location during movement, to do the lighting. This wouldn't make me cry all that hard if it wasn't correctable. It would also need to be either Bodyslide capable (I use UUNP, pretty please) or made for a specific body. And if you wanted an HDT vag, you'd have to also do that from scratch. And you would need a separate "armor" for every type of restraint you wanted.


If someone more skilled than I got bored and just banged out a 7B version of that last screenshot, I would be eternally grateful.


EDIT: Forgot the last part. It might just be easier to make something like the straight jacket I posted, except it only covers the portions it needs to (the arms and hands) leaving everything else exposed. I was trying this with the Asylum Gear, but the UUNP Body mesh has been hacked to pieces. I've uncovered about all I can without huge empty gaps appearing. This, combined with a "behind the back" version would be stellar.

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