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Good Lesbian Mods

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Hi I would like to ask if there is any good lesbian mods that are good 


Most of the mods work for any preference pretty much.

What you need are good animations..   Nibbles and Leito have a few.  Probably some in funnybuziness.


Then get any of the sex mods of your preference and you can have a ball.


I posted a link to leito and nibbles SLAL packs in another thread here...  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/86823-lesbian-animations/?p=2041117

If you can't find them.  You will of course need SLAL as well.


For future ref, probably best to post in request and find section.

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Hi I would like to ask if there is any good lesbian mods that are good 


Like Lodaki mentions, animations are key part of that.

There are some sex animations by leito and nibbles like he mentionned.  They have a more feminine touch.

In NSAP pak which is listed as outdated  i think zyn had some too?  Not sure where they came from.

But in general far and few between.

Basically you're stuck using MF animations.  Sometimes you can move one female partner using Sexlab hotkeys and you can make it more f/f.


If you want kissing with tongues try Follow me for Sex.  Get the older pre-3 version, until CPU updates to new.

It's a nice start, and you can call it up whenever you want.


But woman-woman, the way normally like to play, no not really yet.

And storywise romance is a bit light, but that amorous mod will be better than nothing.


Like your avy by the way happy.png

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