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Skyrim Anti-Aliasing without ENB


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Sometimes I like to turn my ENB off for an FPS boost. I've noticed that without the ENB on, anti-aliasing and post-processing from the game itself are also turned off. Is there a way I can enable it ingame or keep it on but leave all of my other ENB settings off?


It depends on which ENB you're using.  Usually ENB mod authors recommend turning all Anti-Aliasing off because normally an ENB comes with it's own AA features -- but not all ENBs are created equal and some ENBs are better at AA than others.


I've experimented with lots of ENBs and most of the time I've found that leaving EnableEdgeAA=true under [ANTIALIASING] in your enblocal.ini will allow the game to still look decent when your ENB is turned on or off without sacrificing the performance too much.  But your mileage may vary.  Only way for you to really find out is to experiment on your own because all ENBs are different.


Here are my full settings in enblocal.ini for [ANTIALIASING]


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