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What do I need for inflation, prego, beast and rape?

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Hello here


At first: Sorry for my bad english. Don't hurt me for writing something wrong! :3


Like what i was write up there, but i am looking not just for the mods. I need a step to step instruction, what i must install first, then next, and then next...and on what I must pay attention, when i install it.


I found this link here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/53740-looking-for-rape-prego-and-bestiality-mods/ and have follow the instruction in the last post. After that i have installed it with the nexus mod manager over 20 mods, i have tested it, but they don't work. Here I must mention that many times the mod manager says, that some files with the next mod must overwrite it. Sample the "more nasty critters" and loverslab creatures framework. One day work and its nothing work.


Can someone help me and give me an instruction?




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