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I have playing Skyrim since 2013. I know the rules about playing with mods. when FO4 came out i played blissfully many,many, hours unmodded. As soon as i started playing with the  mods it started CTD and CTD. LOOT told me to clean all the DLC's , i did and DLCworkshop01,02,03 became unusable according to WRYE BASH and my savegame files unrecognized header formats in them. My operating system is WIN 10 64 bit. NVIDIA GeForce 960,AMD Phenom II X 4 820 Processor, 8GB RAM, 1920X1080, 60HZ. But I don't have FRIGGING NOTEPAD. I tried playing no mods active. CBBE female character was still active, still CTD. Same issue with save game files. 

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How exactly did you cleaned those master files ? Did you, by any chance, watched Gopher's video to do that correctly ? Verify your game cache files on Steam to download new ESMs, then make a backup copy of those ESMs and do the procedure again. I cleaned all 6 ESM's here and everything works perfectly fine, my game is heavily modded and crashes are very, very rare.

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