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Modding/Porting Hairstyle Help!!!


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Hello. I've been trying to learn porting using 3ds max and started by following kalillies sims hair porting tutorial. However, I decided to port a hair from another game instead (Vindictus) and used assets from a user in Deviantart, which are in .mesh and .tga files. I was able to convert them using XPS and GIMP into .obj and .dds files respectively. Then I was able to import .obj file into 3ds max and now have come this far.


The next step was to paint the weight of the hair, as according to the tutorial, without doing so, the hair would be plain trash. However as seen in the second image I am unable to click/toggle the Paint Weights button. What could be reason for this? (I hope it's not that the hair mesh isn't capable of weight) What should be my next steps after this? Any advice? Thank you very much.

PS. I don't know if this is the right place to ask for modding help, if not please direct me.



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