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FP Family Planing

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Was hoping to avoid making this page, But i don't know what else to do at this point. I also have a post here with a little more information. I'll repost my original with follow up information.


Hello, First off, thank you so much for taking the time to make this mod!  :heart: however, I've been having issues with this mod and i can't figure it out. I'm not the most technical person but I've tried and checked as much as i could. I read the first 20 or so pages of the forum and tried multiple of the fixes without any results. I don't know what i'm doing wrong.

My issue:
Whenever my female character gets... boinked, i get a notification that says fertility chance 1000%, followed by A baby has been conceived today. I've sped up the pregnancy cycle to 2 days, and after i sleep 24 hours there is no noticeable change to her body. After another 24 hours, still no change and no quests are ever displayed. I'm not sure what mod is triggering the boinking, but i have been hitting H to start dialog.

What I've done:
I've installed CBBE with Morphs enabled.
Don't know about any unique player thingy.
used to console command to increase fertility chance.
decreased length of cycle.
gotten boinked by an Operator in a settlement (he wasn't killed).

Here is the load order that i use. Don't judge me to hard.  :ph34r:

Unoffical Fallout 4 patch
spring cleaning
True StormsFO4
Torture Devices
dD-enhanced blood
DX commonwealth shorts
Dx vault girl shorts
brighter settlement lights
Immersive vendors
ans Wearable Backpacks and pouches
survival Options
lots more female hairstyles
Respec Holotape
Armorsmith Extended
Armorsmith ALl DLCs Patch
DX commonewealth Mini Dresses
Nuka Girl Suit edit
VIO strap-on
Fo4_animations by eito
4PlaySEUFP_kidnapped (i have it toggled off as i will get taken out of farharbor to a gunner outpost sometimes)
statusloyal porter gage

Thanks in advance! You are a wonderful person!  :heart:
First post on this forum, so hello peoples!


lwflashy, on 16 Oct 2017 - 5:03 PM, said:snapback.png

Sleep, Fast Travel and such do NOT affect the game timers, in fact, when you sleep or fast travel, etc, the timer pauses... so... you need to be awake and moving for the during of the timer for it to decrease. Thats a game engine limitation, not the mod itself, so... think about it this way.

You got knocked up on day x and at the time, your cycle was set to default of 9 days, yes? If so, that means the timer is 9*24 hours, which is 216 hours (game hours) that you need to be awake and moving about the world on foot and heel - no fast travel.

Thank you so much! :heart: I will try this out tonight!


Edit: i've spent several in game days wondering around murdering everything i've seen, and haven't seen anything change. Still nothing. However, new information that might be helpful. I get a pregnancy notification after every frisky adventure. Not sure what that means.


Edit: I've sped up time with (set FPFP_Global_Day to .01) to try and see results faster for testing but i'm still getting nothing.


edit: I've included a caputre of the FP mods i'm using so you can see version numbers and such.


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simple test - get naked, do slm 14 and go to body -> advanced in slm. find a belly slider and move it all the way right - if nothing has changed, something is wrong with the morphs / body type. if it does change, then something is wrong on the side of FP.

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That's good to know. Did the test, and the morphs are working fine. So now i know that the issue is i have something messed up with FP. Thanks for helping me narrow down the issue. Vinfamy gave me something to try out too. Basically a reset of FamilyPlanning, by disabling the esp, saving, and re enabling it.

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TDLR: It works! thanks everyone who took the time to help me! i super appreciate it!   :D


So here is what i did in case anyone needs to replicate the results:

I uninstalled FPFP.

Made a new save.

waited 24 hours (just to be safe)

reinstalled FPFP.

Used loot to sort my load order.

Loaded the save (got a notification saying that family planning was updated, followed by Thank you for installing family planning.)

slept for 24 hours (got lucky in that i was fertile when i woke up)

got boinked (got notification saying that a baby was conceived and that the chances of pregnancy is 1000% (not a typo, guess being fertile is a 100% bonus and i had preg chance at 10% so that equals 1000)).

slept twice for 24 hours and didn't get any quests or anything. Problem not solved.


Uninstalled every fourplay mod.

made a fresh save.

downloaded and, Reinstalled every fourPlay mod. 

rebuilt morphs just to be safe (CBBE curvy with breast physics).

Ran loot again

Loaded save

Set fertility to 100%

got boinked

slept 24 Hours... aaaaaaand it works!!!!!! I got the quests!


I guess it's back to lurking in the forums, and now i feel like i need a cold shower after all of this.

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