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forever mourning bug. Detailed workaround plz


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So, I wanted to advance in the companions questline to be able to get the totems of hircine. I have a save BEFORE going to talk with Whitemane [that's his name, right?] and one right before entering the cave with the witches.


After venturing the caves, geting 4 witch heads, see one of them bug up in a "T" stance without the head, and not being able to get the final one, I went back to whiterun and the bug was there.


After looking into the wiki, there's something about the helm of winterhold. I didn't do that quest, so I went check it with my save "before talking to Whitemane". Seems like the helm is in a different place than the one pointed out by the wiki.



So, what are your recommendations to me? I really want the totems and to try out more werewolf gameplay.

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sure thing


have you down the quest in winterhold called "Helm of Winterhold"?


if no, then do that WITHOUT KILLING ANYONE in the dungeon !


just press "tgm" in the console so you can't be killed , get the helm , turn in the quest, press "tgm" again to remove god mode


and go back to whiterun


quest should kick in


worked for me



or try this :


A glitch also occurs where this quest cannot be started if the player has already cleared Driftshade Refuge. If you have already cleared it, then enter the Driftshade Refuge dungeon, go into the console and type "prid 0006a99c" and then "resurrect" (no quotes). After that, leave Driftshade Refuge and type in the console "setstage c05 10". You can now go to Vilkas and start the quest.


didn't try it tho



best regards


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