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Here's a peek at one of several new follower I am creating. For now her name is Tawny and she specializes in 2H weapons.


This look is completely independent of your default models. You can have CBBE3, UNP, UNPB, etc as the default and she will look the same


- CHSBHC body

- Alternateive CBBE3 texture

- Fitness texture

- Coolsims hair

- Heavy Metal armor

- Perfect 3.2 skeleton with 20% larger boobs

- Steel Great Sword


Full credits will be forthcoming when the mod is released.


The way this is setup is each race can have their own skeleton. So a Nord using the CHSBHC body can be sized differently than a Redguard using CHSBHC. That character will be coming soon, along with a few others, each with a different body type.


Other followers will be:


- dual weild

- 1H specialization

- ranger

- Fire mage

- Ice Mage

- Restoration mage

- other...


Have also set factions so there are not cat fights in the middle of your battle.



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Screen shot of 2 more followers. From left to right Jade (CBBE3, dual weilding katanas), Barbarella (CBBE Numenume Eros, 1H Axe w/shield), Tawny (CHSBHC, 2H sword). A few casters will be next.


Not the best photo, but I just started using Pinup Poser for the screen shots.



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