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Used Condoms


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I remember seeing in some screen shots of Fallout 3 that there were used condoms on the ground. Sadly the images that have them are a little less then OK in my books so I didn't save them but I liked the idea. I have never been able to find what mod added them or even just the basic files. I was wondering if anyone here knew of the mod and even better if someone has it working with fallout NV.

Any sort of sexual item clutter would be awsome, I tend to fill my player home with random clutter last char covered her whole bed with teddy bears so something sexyer this time is my idea.

Sadly I wont have access to my PC all the time for the next few days so I may be slow to reply but I will eventualy.


Also is it just me or is there almost no semen related fetish stuff for Fallout3 or NV?

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