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Need help "resetting" female textures and meshes?


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Well I did something silly. While experimenting with various textures and meshes for the denizens of skyrim I somehow broke the females. Many of the women now have weird faces, odd coloration, and other distracting and immersion breaking problems.


Could someone please tell me which files/folders I should delete to "reset" the female characters back to complete Vanilla so I can fix this?


I'm sure its probably difficult to say without knowing what mods I have (and to be honest I am not entirely sure myself). But a general place to start would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Mods replace the Vanilla files so what you ask may not be possible. Did you back up the Vanilla files anywhere?


Indeed! After several goofups before, I backed up my data folder before modding. I just don't know which ones are just for the female characters by themselves.

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