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Game crashs


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My Skyrim game crashs when I want to change the race.

If i move down with the arrow key.

my game just crashs. I Installed the Body CHSBSh Stuff for Trkyz races.

but I think thats not the problem.


The problem is maybe at the faces ?

which faces will now work with 1.6 of Skyrim.

I think a Incompabillity have applied since the update.

Which Mods shall I use to get no crashs at character edition?


Edit : I solved it with disable the race.esp data.

But which face mod will be good for now ? or is compatible with temptress?

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I get this problem too from time to time. My desktop handles it fine, but my laptop finds it traumatic, and often crashes. I think it's due to the sheer amount of face & body mod materials that many of us have & which the game is trying to sort through, but I'm not sure. :huh:


You could try temporarily opening the game in windowed mode at "Low" settings & see if it still happens.

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Thanks for the answer.


I tried and its still crashes but found a solution just drop one face file for your race. Only one that you are using . and just deactivate some race mods to test only one of them. or the game crashes with the body by race options. I mean every race using his own body.

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