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Realistic Stamina Mod and Bow Mod


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I have a request, I hope someone can create this :)


example for mod what I want:

-stamina for fighting

I want mod that can make fighting more longer, when use standard attack, I want my stamina reduce 5 points / attack, 20 points of stamina / power attack, , when my stamina is 0, my damage is reduced and the attack speed too. stamina for blocking / deflect enemy attack = stamina for power attack (20 points cost)

for range attack, the stamina is decrease if you full draw the bow (like when you use eagle's eye).

-stamina for sprinting

I want 100 stamina for 100-150 metre sprinting when use heavy armor, 250-300 metre when use light armor, 450 metre when use clothes.

-stamina for running (marathon)

100 stamina = running from riverwood to whiterun (following the roads) when use heavy armor, double the distance (maybe from riverwood to rorikstead?) when use light armor, triple the distance when use clothes

-stamina increase per level = 5 points

-stamina regenerate = low when running and fighting


maybe the number can edited, if too overpowered or underpowered :)


Bow Mod

I think its very annoying when use Steady Hand perk. I hope someone can create Steady Hand perk is toggled or must hold certain key (so you can use Steady Hand when needed but dont need zooming is active)

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