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The CK and FaceGen .nif files, no .esp...

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Q: How do I get the CK to register previously created FaceGen .nif meshes to modify NPC's faces - including any tintmasks (uppereyesocket, etc.)?



Reason being - I previously modded a TON of NPC's faces in the CK, exported without an .esp, & I still have all those NPCs' facegen .nifs stored elsewhere for possible future use. I reinstalled my game recently, & I'd like to re-apply all the modded NPC's.


I can't get them to load & be visible in the CK - if I load "Data.esm", obviously I just get Vanilla. I'd rather not do all these again from scratch if I can easily avoid it.


I know there is a way to do this, including getting the game to recognise any modified tints such as lip colour etc. which were applied in the original edit - I just can't remember how to do it! :huh:

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