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ultimate starter pack V2

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Guest Lady Luck






Red = mandatory

White = normal

yellow = caution


How to use batch files


unpack the batch files and put in


x:\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim


must be on the main file and not on the data file


once you installed it from there


fire up skyrim and press ~ for console


and type bat " File name"


it will automatically will recognized the batch and do the work for you



to make things easier rename the txt things you can remember easily.




Before you use this mod let me remind you finished the main quest first this is consider " Cheating " at it's best , because i found a workaround on "enchanting " cause player CTD while enchanting particular items this mod is safe without any harm at all.


if you downloaded mod and are missing some material items here's a trick how to unlock mods that are to stingy to tell the id code


Go pick any category from the crafting menu


say you want Steel armor that you found and it require some material that are ridiculously hard to find and some confusing.


go to console you need to do this manually


press ~ and then type help "item name"


values are here


Help " item name" " Number" ( numbers are without quotation only item names are )


0 = Vanilla, Sometimes Referring to quest items

1 = Modded , Items will appear accordingly with corrected spelling


if the id are start from for example


reminder " Those who aren't familiar of player.additem cheat"

if you know this then ignore this step.


ok say you want a particular crafting item and you typed the code above and it has something like 00031dffa ignore the 3 zeros you can put the numbers and letters , the number that starts from 3 zeros are vanilla items , if you found like for example " Exploding arrow" mod which the code will likely to start from "FF000XXX" a code that start from "F" usually are a custom items that built in CK and you have to write in full numbers.



Known cheat that will work


- Smithing " if you raised this 9k your armor will be godly"

- Magic ability " Raised 9k still act like vanilla damage but quick death "

- 1 handed/2 handed sword/smithing " Raised smithing 9k ability and it has amazing result of 312 -216 damage hell yeah!"


these 5 main things you can set high as 99999


few cheats that will cause CTD


- enchant " Leave" the values 100 the highest it can go is

215 < -- is max value for vanilla set , if you raised 9k

for enchant it will crash because 9k value will raised

the damage points up to 1 million hits, if you still persist

on that use CK , avoid changing values it will crash trust me.


" i looked all the forums idiots who raised god like enchant will likely to meet ctd, you can ask anybody no one knows how to fix this i found a fix for it"



There is another thing i forgot to include marriage another fun batch file feel a bit downed on your wife use bat divorce that shit will tell your wife to GTFO from your house or if you want to force marriage without amulate of mara used forcemarriage batch file.




This mod include


- All crafting materials ( exist in skyrim )

- All Enchant items ( Credit to someone in nexus i forgot whats his name)

- All Magic

- All Perks

- All Shouts

- Some Weapons ( forget what it is)

- Status Fix

- Marriage Cheat


Like i said please read this carefully before downloading other then that enjoy my final update.



Enchanting values skyrim engine can handle


player.setav enchanting 215 ; will set values half effectiveness say like somewhere 125-200% possibilities


player.setav enchanting 999 ; will set values to godly amount of effectiveness 300-417% is way overpowered


Enchant values that will cause instant ctd


999999 - which values are set to 9 million infinite cycle of effectiveness this will force the game to loop the effect which not really recommended for enchanting.

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