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more dynamic shadows and strip fixed version 2.9.2


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nexus deleted the mod and banned author. i know the mod its on stem: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=7914

but i wonder if someone can upload it for me on mediafire? i cant download from steam workshop since a few weeks ago (already working on a fix) but i wonder if someone can help. i like to be current on versions and i have 2.9.1 and there is a new version already. thanks in advance. :)

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he used inappropiate language in a post and criticise the armor looking. but he used very offensive words. :P

he even apologized but that didnt avoid the all mighty ban hammer of dawn.


Let me Guess... Dante the Retard


Probably, that guy is a ban-happy dickhead.

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well, i seen worst armors around the nexus. i dont have anything against the author nor the mod who banned him and lets be honest, he made a mistake (puuloo). i only hope the ban its nor perma.


anw...... getting back to topic....


any good soul willing to help this beggar??

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