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Fix boots mesh 3ds max?


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Okay I'm totally new to modding so here my problem.


I have those boots you can see there some mesh missing like invisible I can select them but we dont see them.


My guess they're transparent because we can see them in ''Consistent Colors''





Maybe its simple but I have no clue what to do and I really love those boots some if some one could tell me what to do steps by steps I'd be really happy.


Any tips to fix that is welcome, perhaps new shapes?

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Try selecting the mesh then go to edit (top left)' date=' object properties, and check if backface cull has a check next to it, if yes then uncheck it.


See if that changed anything.



I dont see any check, Screnshot for more details


I could upload the .nif here if you're willing to play with, Crossfinger.




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Anything like I said, I'm totally newb for model editing I got some skills for photoshop thing like that but ive never done anything yet for that.


I dont even know why there three .nif _0 , _-1 and GND they're all almost the same.


If you can fix it oh yes <3 anything just make them look like black boots.

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