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Graphical armor glitch 1st person perspective


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I have got a (small) problem. I found this beautiful armor (well, meshes and textures, I put them into the game myself):







As you can see, everything seems to be fine in 3rd person. Now when I go into 1st person perspective and turn around, at a certain point when I'm facing a certain direction only, I get:







Any ideas how to get rid of that? Keep in mind, I'm a total beginner with nifskope and blender ...

Any help would be welcome, as I really like that armor.

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I've got this armor as well, but not the stretched vertices. Mine was part of a compilation.


Please back up your file first and then try this mesh here by overwriting your armor with it (my version probably has a different file name):



If the stretching effect persists, the problem might be your first-person skeleton and not the armor itself. Which skeleton do you use?

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Good to hear your problem is solved! The strange thing about it was the fact you hadn't encountered the effect before with other equipment.


There are indeed armors and outfits with glitched vertices and partly corrupted meshes out there, I've had weird effects before with ripped stuff from Far-Eastern modders. One armor comes to mind from a Chinese (?) pack that has a strange misaligned purple object floating close to the ground. It only shows up in-game, in NifSkope it's invisible so I can't just delete it.


Nevertheless, you might consider installing Growlf's 'Controllable Skeleton' (not the 'Total' version!) from this file in place of the rather outdated Coronerra one. Growlf's is the best skeleton for Oblivion, compatible with anything.

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