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Hey gang! I haven't been active for awhile, just trolling and downloading goodies, one of my favorite activities besides playing!


I recently plugged in some enb to see how my very first character would benefit and I am pleased but rather uninformed.





Notice without enb, the armor casts shadows on Isabol, while with enb it doesn't. However, the self shadows are FAR more awesome, as are the ground shadows. I took all but the last pic in the same spot, so does anyone know if there is a tweak to get all these cool shadows working together? I love how some armors (like the Savage which I butchered) have strings that cast shadows on the body. Don't want to lose that detail! Is it as simple as controlling light direction?


Also, do you think the plain enb looks best or Akiro's RED? A LOADED question to be sure, as everyone has a preferred enb or custom mix...


Just throw some out there or please respond with what you personally found appealing. I like the character to look great in as many light conditions as possible. (I have facelight effect, btw)


Oh and the neck seam is caused by manga body, I use a custom CBBE so the texture is tweaked for that...

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(I apologize, I'm not too experienced on ENBs and such)


Are you using the vanilla lighting system or is it a custom one?


You could try installing different lighting mods like:









The descriptions or readmes may tell if they're compatible or work well with enb or not.


If it is a custom one then that might be why your losing shadows.


As for your other question. Me personally, I don't really like the Akiro RED enb. The colors are less distinguishable blend too much. Options 2 and 4 are better, with 4 being my favorite.


I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help! I will definitely check those lighting mods out. I haven't played in every environment with the enb, but it's definitely one for making your character look hot! :D


Depth of field effect does seem to be standard for most enb's but I've yet to see any performance hit from using them. It is better to see far and crisp IMO too.

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