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Grow your own garden


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In a discussion at playfire, someone came with the idea of making a garden that you could actually grow whatever you wanted [when it comes to plants and 'shrooms, of course!]


It would fit perfectly inside the college of winterhold, archmage's quarters, or dark brotherhood [dawnstar] alchemy area. To make it accessible to anyone, some other gardens should be spread around, or maybe just made available with a purchaseable/obtainable farm.


Anyone interested?

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Guest Lady Luck

whats the point of farming on skyrim by yourself when others helped you out with that , tip " visit any farm on skyrim " crops will grow once a week steal them and then sell it to the fence other then that farming mods on skyrim its a bit tedious. catch a snow the crops dies, rain rats or giants stepped on your plant , that's why people on skyrim has a hard time farming on that land. just my opinion though

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Farms don't have all kinds of fungi, or other kinds of plants. It's basically potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, wheat, leeks... Edible stuff.


I'm really looking for an alchemy-focused garden, maybe with a pond/tank for growing the fish too.


Thanks, Caperpp. I'll check tytanis carefully.

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