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UNP Neck Seams


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:idea: DING!


"Perfect Neck Seam" Kit



As of the last few days there is actually useful info on *HOW* to use it as well! I was having this exact problem with CBBE and Navetsea's textures - "Foreveraloneguy" ("Narphous" over at Nexus) kindly responded with some VERY HELPFUL info which he has since also added to the "Comments" thread for that neck seam kit linked above.


The method works! Following the method he outlines, you can get near-perfect neck seams! Try it out! :)


Now we just need a kit which blends hand seams too... :D



*NOTE: If you're going to use this method, try it with TexBlend "Heavy" rather than the "Lite" version packaged with the body mod.

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