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Wrath of the titans movie review

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Hello forums


before you guys delve deeper on this review i must remind you guys that this review ill give-away spoilers so watch this movie before you read this review anyway let's begin on our epic journey of Perseus saga, wrath of the titans is the next installment for the series clash of the titans.





Persues Gave birth to a new demi god "Helius" we expect helius is gonna replaced his place on the next sequel.




This movie is awesome in many ways , they didn't disappointed classic fans of COT franchise, however this movie has tons of eye candy graphic on it fair to say it was used in right way, i especially loved how they built Tartarus aka " Hades domain " it's epic structure is remarkable, full of temptation and mazes.


this movie has some naughty moments were gods act silly on their own way man zues is awosome god , why cant jesus be more like him *facepalm * anyway along the way perseus meet many characters such as poseidon's son agenor who was completely useless as son of god " kinda sad actually.




Poseidon dies on the movie.




" Hail Kronos The ultimate Warmachine destruction of upon worlds and man"


Who would have thought that kronos is actually patron of gods why he destroy the world instead saving it? , i guess hes corrupted mind banished on Tartarus along with hades and his demons .


above all else this movie is awosome as hell it's fun, less garbage love story and more action that's what we want to see in greek mythology movie. all characters even lame one are loveable they didnt make the audience get bored while watching this although they are few deleted scenes on the dvd so get directors cut instead it's worth a dime guys.



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