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Jane McGonigal On Gaming: Better Life Better World


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Guest GingerTom

Just watched the second video as you suggested. I already do all those things naturally.


For example: I was in the hospital for 5 weeks 4 years ago when I broke both my arms--I couldn't go home because I live alone and I am alone. Everyone on my floor spent all their time in bed. The nurses put my sides up on the bed--and when they weren't looking I wriggled thru and went out into the stairwell and did stepping. :D


They finally got me to sign a piece of paper saying they weren't responsible for anything I did. I said, 'About time you gave up.'

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Very interesting TED talks. I saw the first one a while back and I just watched the 2nd one. I commend her on trying to give gaming a good name and to get rid of those tired stereotypes and generalizations. Thanks for linking us to the vids!

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