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Searching new motherboard + proccesor


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Yes it's another iam searching for a part thread (someone should make a bundled thread for that)


Iam searching for a motherboard with 6 audio jacks atleast (otherwise my sound system will be useless) and atleast a quadcore


I know a bunch about PC's but i never really explored this area so...


Got 300 euro to spend on this (yes euro's so please try coming with europe based sites)


Anyway help would be appreciated this rig is pretty old and deserves a new motherboard and maybe some RAM (got 2GB atm) after i upgraded my GFX and powersource (240 W to 600 W or so)


If you need any extra info feel free to ask!

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Here is a set up i was pretty happy with in that range








Is your hard drive a sata drive or an IDE interface?if it's IDE I'll have to look around a bit more for the motherboard.


that comes to 303 euros +shipping


for another 18 euros you can get this processor which is unlocked so you can overclock it if need be.


I'm from the US so I'm not sure if that was the best site to buy PC parts from or not. Seemed decent to me.

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I use Sata and it's not like i NEED a high powerful machine games that are made these days suck anyway but iam seeing alot of loss of RAM already at start which worries me.



Hmm i made some calculations i came to 320,54 euro... should do it

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