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"No Sims were found"

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Im having an issue with my sauna and hot tub saying no sims were found for the animation, but the sims are standing right there. Last week my hot tub was working but the sauna one never did (I didnt care as much about that one). What could cause this? I dont know what is different from last week to this week, i downloaded a few poses for pose player... would that do it? Something must be conflicting. Heres what I got... I did add KLMs v3 animation pack then took it out in case it conflicted with his others... still those items dont work.

Some history: a few days ago i accidentally emptied my recycle bin folder not knowing my mod folder was in it... had to go find every mod again & picked a few new ones so my issue could be coming into ww from another folder, maybe? WWmods.PNG

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I had a similar issue but it seemed to be fixed when I changed the gender restriction settings in the wickedwhims settings to "no gender restrictions".


This may fix your issue because some animations only let specific genders into a specific position. But if you use this setting you may see a sim in the wrong position ie: male in female position. You should be able to switch them around with "swap the position" option once the animation gets going though.


Give it a try, hope this helps.

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Maybe the only animations for the sauna are gender controlled then. I'll see what happens if i set to anything goes. My sim house is fixin to go off the hizzy! I been scared to lift these restrictions in fear of screwing up my storyline with drama :D .

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