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Can anybody give me a good list for this specific request?


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To start off, this thread is about making a small Oblivion film. It's heavily in concept (Still writing the script, along with what mods to use), and to be honest, sadly may or may not ever be made. What I've got planned so far is a gritty, mature, and dark story about a man who goes from honest soldier, to careless brigand, to slave, to free man, to married man, then ends with him broken. Being a mature and dark film, there will be instances of rape and torture (brothels and sex too) and other things.


The reason why I posted this topic is because I got banned on every other site that I asked on. For some fucking brick-stupid reason, Lovers Lab popped in my head after all the shit I went through (I would've came here first). Seeing as you guys pretty much know every sex mod out there, would you mind telling me the best ones for this list?:huh:


I need:

A brothel mod, but with one in each city

A pregnancy mod (for the "Married" part)

A slave mod (Brigands and slave part)

A torture chamber mod (For the capture and slave parts, I may put MC to the test!)

A mod where allies can rape enemies in combat

A good rape mod would be nice:P


Normally, I would search myself, but I'm not exactly familiar with Lovers as of yet.

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Brothel adds a brothel in the Imperial city.

I'm unsure about any mods that add prostitutes to taverns or inns though. LoversStupidNPC might.


-LoversTomago club and Hiyoko club

This intricate system allows for menstruation cycles, pregancy, and having children. (works for both the PC and NPCs)

As for the marriage part, you could try LoversAdultPlayPlus. But that only allows for you to make a certain NPC your lover. You could try "Goranga's dating system" which can be found at: http://gamesource.ru/home/content/view/315/203/

-Loversvictim/loversslavetrader/loversrapeslave/loversrapeslaveplay/loversmagic (for PC doms and NPC slaves).

Victim and Slavetrader allows the player to capture and enslave NPCs. there is also an underground "slaver city" where you can keep slaves there for "training", as well as buy slaver items and more.

LoversRapeslave makes it so that if you rape an NPC enough, they become your willing slave. Slaveplay expands on rapeslave.

LoversMagic has a spell that allows you to resurrect dead women and turn them into your slaves as well.

Only one for PC slaves is "playerslave" but there is little progress in it (someone has picked it up and is working on it though). However, it's geared towards female characters.



Same as above



RaperS allows for the PC to rape others in combat and for NPCs to rape the player in combat. You can configure the settings so that NPCs can rape other NPCs. You can change other parameters and settings as well.



Same as above.



(allows NPCs to rape other actors, including the player, if they've recently died).



Lovers Creatures allows for creatures and monsters to rape the player and NPCs. LoversBitch is a quest mod that focuses heavily on canine sex, forced and consensual (if you have tomago and hiyoko club active, then dogs will be much more likely to rape you if you are in "heat" (aka during your ingame period).


You can find all of these in this section of the forum and in the downloads page. Just doing a bit of searching will do the trick. I'd ask gregathit about load order.

The AIO pack for lovers with have most of the plugins but the more special ones will have their own threads. It shouldn't be too hard to find them. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Hope this helps.

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Couple other suggestions.


Lovers Prostitute v025a 1.0a

Like title says this mod adds Prostitutes and Brothel to Oblivion Universe.

When you get bored of killing mobs or have to much gold in your pocket you can go visit one of the girls spreaded around Tamriel and have some fun.

Girls take Male & Female customers.


-Anvil Docks (New Inn/Brothel with 3 girls : Hanna,Miriam and Emma )

-Chorrol - The Oak and Crosier.(2 girls : Karyisu, Rosaina )

-Bruma - Jerall View Inn (2 girls : Ritova, Retaruseta

-Leyawiin - Around city ("Twin Kittens " 2 khajiit hookers )

-Imperial City : Elven Gardens Distric (2 girls : Nora & Sonia )



Allows the player to become a slave.

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