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CTD In Solitude

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Hi, I need some help.

Everytime I try to enteri in Solitude from the main door I ctd, and the same trying to using fast travel.

I can use coc SolitudeBluePalace but when I go out and I walk to the center I ctd, I can stay only near the Blue Palace. 

If I start a newgame it doesn't crash so I tried to clean my save but nothing changed (My save is about 7 MB).

When I'm near the blue palace and I open the console I can see a lot of messages like:



And so on...

I have 16 gb ram and 3 vram I'm running enb with memory set in the right way so that's not the problem.

I think there is any quest that's causing the ctd or maybe any npc that can't be loaded.

Edit: When I go to Solitude with my main save I open the console and I see  a lot of messages:

Mycharname is not carriable

npc has 1 weapon

and others... And at the end I see:



When I go in Solitude with a new profile i see at the end:


And I don't ctd


But it doesn't tell me what quest.



Sorry if I did any mistakes but english is my second language :)

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