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Want to Voice Act? make up your lines here with 60 character selections.


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This is a remake of my other thread at for voice acting. The purpose of this thread is to get the children, younger audience, or people who do not feel comfortable talking in an adult manner voice act. I'll update both threads 3 times a day to make sure roles that have been taken will be marked so.


Hello, so I decided to put a list of town members here for people to choose in case they wanted to Voice Act for that certain character.


The bare bones of this thread, is: choose a person, and have at least* these lines:


5 Hellos, 5 goodbyes, Taunts, Battle cries,Favor dialogue starts, favor dialogue starts, favor dialogue agrees, favor dialogue ends. I'd be glad if you could add more random stuff saying "ohh, insert child name here, is my friend! want to buy supplies, talk to my husband, etc you know. More content the better, there can never be too much. I won't regret that =D


The main idea of the characters is to be natural, you make up your own lines so that you're more comfortable in saying them. You may also choose more than one character if you think you could get away with several different voices. Just make sure your lines are lore friendly, not necessarily: art thy real, tis be not thou'st. You could if you really want to, but I wouldn't force it.


Here are the list of characters, since you're voice acting you can make up most of the personalities:



Background info: The majority of this family has the quality of belligerence and are kind of like vikings in the mountains. They are all very confident.


Drekhol - old senior, grandpa/great grandpa sitting on throne, grumpy, doesn't fight anymore


General Embreyon - male head, son of drekhol

Miyacen - female head, likes to fight, daughter of drekhol


Gordonis, brother of male head, blacksmith

Tansy, wife of Gordonis, assistant

Desmund, brother of Tansy, assisttant

Darrenis, son of tansy and gordonis, in camp

Winhiling - daughter of tansy and gordonis, in camp


just make up personalities for the rest if you feel like it.



Alenswen, sister of male head

Hephenuer, husband

Horenus, son

Jackafen, son

Bintilsun, son


Kolwena, daughter

Qunenson, house keeper


Agatha, sister of male head

Dirion, husband

cecili, daughter

charlotta, daughter

darius, son

fabian, son

herbert, son

hirum, son

lemuel, son

claudio, daughter


Augustus, brother

julia, wife

julius, son

Auglius, son

Ethel, son

Francisine, daughter

isadura, daughter - child

Byron, son- child


Alexander, bro

athalie, wife

althea, daughter - child

theodora, daughter - child

elsa, daughter - child

hazel, daughter - child

lisette, daughter,

lydia, daughter

simone, son



Matilda, sister

Mavis, husband

sylvia, daughter - child

viola, daughter,

violet, daughter

rosaharn, daughter

mabel, daughter

georgianis, son - child

eudora, son - child

Leo, son


Jesiree, bro

Keziah, wife

Brydon, son

kaitlyn, daughter

lucinda, daughter

Paragon, son

Jasper, son - child

Fox, son

Zolfek, son



oh and for the names that soun cool like zolfek, fox, jasper, paragon or whatever, serve the name with honor and make them be a badass, as for slutty names, make them a slut, looool. Anyways, have fun, if anyone is interested. lol.




These people are kind of like more civilized barbaric vikings. The family has children too, they are young so they aren't as much of a prick. They wear armor and walk around hoping to be like their parents one day. I'll state which are children and which are not. When I say bro or sister, that means they are siblings of the male and female head. Son and daughter are the only children in this list. When I say child, they are literally, kids or at most pre-teens or at most 15 years old.




If you want to contact me for further stuff:


Skype @: BulletProofHumor


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