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Problems with LoversGroup


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I can't get LoversGroup to work. I've tried to make people follow me with the dialogue from LoversAdultPlayPlus and then cast the spell but nothing happens except it says "Next69 1" in the upper left corner. I've also tried casting the spell with two CM partners following me but no luck there either. What can be causing this and what are the items I that are added in my inventory meant for?

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Guest Donkey

Use VLC player it can play any types of movies. it just shows you 2npc following you then cast the spell and the animation kicks in.

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The spell he's casting is targeted but the spell I have is cast on self. That explains why it doesn't work for me. Do I have an old version?

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Still trying to get this to work myself. I've even tried using Galgats friends and lovers mod but whenever I initialize a threesome I only see one person at best and it usually ends up crashing my system.


Can anyone give me an idiots guide to how to set up a group encounter using this or another mod?

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