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OBMM will not load wizards/conversion data

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Currently trying to reinstall Better Cities and Unique Landscapes.


They appear to be in OBMM archive format, ready to be created with a wizard and conversion data.


But when creating the OMOD in OMBB, it does not ask me for the conversion data. Activating the mod anyway does nothing, literally adds nothing, not even the esp to the game. This is a problem.


I'm a bit stuck and I don't understand how to add a mod in Wyre, or if it even works in this archive format, but I guess I could figure it out.


EDIT: Attempted with TES Mod Manager as instructed by the Better Cities wiki. The same thing happened...the conversion data won't load, so there's no wizard and nothing gets put in the data, not a single esp or asset. To make things worse, when trying to activate anyway in TESMM, script errors.

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