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Animation export hkx problem.


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hi~ i have some trouble.

I have followed so many tutorials. but i can't make perfact hkx

i will show some movie.

first_challenge -


1) import nif

2) add motion file

3) export kf

4) convert hkxcmd command

but hkx result 5kbyte ... very small or too much . incase Maybe not perfect, appears the file is created.


second challenge -


1) import nif

2) add motion file

3) havok

and fallowing this doc



last challenge -


this movie step by step

1) import nif

2) add motion file

3) havok

4) Tutorial by xp32 and aeon.pdf



Each tutorial will talk about different export options.

I want to know what part wrong.



---------- updat-----------


fix "extract motion" only one part check - forward~~ ...but nothing change game motion.


where can i found own rig.txt file?

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