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Tips about what to buy

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Hi all,


I hope title isn't so stupid, english is not my native language.


I'm an old player but I discoverd  Fallout 3 and New Vegas only in the last month.


I never used mods but I see it's possible to merge 3 and NV, make custom chars beyond game's original limits and so on.


I download the games from a crack site, it's an habit of mine, first download then buy if I like it.


Don't blame on me, money is sweat and I don't want to throw it away  buying games that are... well imagine what.


I'm about to buy 3 and NV, I saw that there are 2 complete version:


Fallout 3 game of the year edition 

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Editiion


I'd like to know if they are the "final" editions and if it would be possible to install them on two PCs.


I ask that because of the nightmare I had with Bioshock... there was no way to remove licence when I need to format, and the limit of 5 installation was killing me.


Moreover 2K support answered me that I was right but they couldn't help me, EVEN AFTER Bioshock was released without activation limit...


They said, "Dear customer actual version has no activation limit while yours has, no problem JUST BUY NEW VERSION...."


Imagine my answer...


Sorry for the wall of word but the two games are worth of 40€ and, as I said... it's sweat ;-)





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They are the final versions and you can install them on as many PCs as you like when using Steam. When using Steam a game is attached to your account not a machine.

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Thanks for the answer.


I see that mods' install requires "basic stuff", I'll look in the forum to find the infos.


Thanks again

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