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Some mods are not compatible

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OK i found some mods not working correctly.But i need to label some of these.

Mods installed then mods tried adding.

SexLab - Framework_v161b_FULL

exLab (00) CHSBHC ADEC female body retexture with beast races - ADEC_human_body_retexture_Zylch000
SexLab (01) Porcelain Vampire Skin For- CBBE UNP Vanilla CHSBHC ADEC SeveNBase and Dream Girl - Porcelain Skin CBBE Basic VTF -Also use for CHSBHC bodies-
SexLab (02) Feminine Argonian Textures for CBBE-UNP (Chameleon and Lizard) - Chameleon and Lizard CBBE v1.0 - 2K Res Pack
Sexlab (03) The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce - The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce
SexLab (04) CHSBHC V3-T for TBBP - CHSBHC V3-T for TBBP
SexLab (05) Aureolean - ADEC CBBE UNP - for CBBE - Better ( X )
SexLab (06) Sexy idle Animation - Sexy idle Animation
SexLab (07) TroubleMakers Clothing - UNPB UNP BBP BBPx TBBP MTM Female Body Replacer - UNPB UNP MTM Bodies HDT-PE patch NMM Installer       1000104624    1.1 / 2.63    MrTroubleMaker
SexLab (08) HDT Physics Extensions - HDT Physics Extensions    1/16/2015 8:24:42 PM        1000109251    14.28 / 14.28    HydrogensaysHDT
SexLab (09) Wet body 
SexLab (09.1) Better_Females_by_Bella_Version_3-2812-3    
SexLab (10) Coverwomen - coverwomen look_5 
SexLab (11a) CitrusHead - Replacer 

SexLab 【Skeleton】XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

SexLab 01 Chsbhc V3T V1.2 AROUSING ARMORS Part 1
SexLab 02 Chsbhc V3-T 2packFix AROUSING ARMORS Part 2  
SexLab 03 Chsbhc V3T V1.3 Fix AROUSING ARMORS part 3 
SexLab 04 Chsbhc V3T V1.3.2 Stalhrim armor + fix Thief Guild Armor AROUSING ARMORS Part 4 
SexLab 05 Chsbhc V3T V1.3.3 Forsworn AROUSING ARMORS Part 5
SexLab 06 CHSBHC V3-T Party Fix Radiant Clothes AROUSING ARMORS Part 6
SexLab 07 CHSBHC V3-T EbonyMail AROUSING ARMORS Part 7
SexLab 09 CHSBHC V3-T Nightingale AROUSING ARMORS Part 9
SexLab 10 CHSBHC V3-T New Ebony Armor Fix texture AROUSING ARMORS Part 10
SexLab 10b CHSBHC V3-T New Ebony Armor Fix texture AROUSING ARMORS Part 10Textures Fix
SexLab 11 CHSBHC V3T TemplePriest AROUSING ARMORS Part 11
SexLab 12 Chsbhc V3-T Armor telvanni Chsbhc V3T AROUSING ARMORS Part 12
SexLab 13 CHSBHC V3T Miraak Robe Dlc02 AROUSING ARMORS Part 13
SexLab 14 CHSBHC V3T DLc2Darkelf AROUSING ARMORS Part 14


SexLab Aroused Creatures v03.1 (Causing crash)  <----------

SexLab Aroused_V27c

SexLab BeeingFemale_2_7_2
SexLab BeeingFemale_2_7_2 BeeingFemale ( Update Patch ) ( has to be put at top of load order under same name)

SexLab Defeat v5.3.5

SexLab Dialogues25

SexLab Devious Devices: Assets 2.9.2

SexLab Devious Devices: Expansion

SexLab DeviousDevices-Integration-3.1.0

SexLab Fill Her Up 2.00

SexLab HDT HighHeels System - hdtHighHeel_beta0_5

SexLab HDT_female_werewolf_00

SexLab HDT_female_werewolf_00_xpmse_2.5


SexLab hydra_slavegirls  <---- (anyone you pick causes a crash when some mods added)


SexLab MoreNastyCritters9.3

SexLab SDPlus351      <-- Sanguine Debauchery

SexLab SDPlus351Addons   <---Sanguine Debauchery + frostfall

SexLab Werewolves 3.3s


SexLab ZazAnimationPack_v61    <------ I am beginning to think this is the problem.No evidence.

SexLab ZaZAnimationPack_v0611_Patch


An this seems to be the problem.The ones Highlighted in Red are not install and the game works.However.You cannot get random Animal sex encounters i think so far.An you cannot install Slaves.The game stutters an complete Freezes.If the game freezes it has crashes.An it says on Windows 10 that is crashes.


OK! Here is what i found.Its SexLab Defeat v5.3.5 i installed SexLab Defeat v5.2.2 an it works fine with SexLab Aroused_REDUX V16a.

It will not work with SexLab Aroused_V27c.So Aroused Creatures  wont work with these two mods.So i had to roll back to older versions.

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