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Skyrim started lagging all of the sudden


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Yesterday i was playing skyrim and everything went fine, i had all of my mods activated and was running skyrim at.. 50 fps and today i entered the creation kit and started working on a mod of mine and when i went into skyrim to test it the game started lagging, alot... Even when i deactivated the mod. I tried to launch skyrim on a profile which i had not ttested the mod and it still lagged... im currently running about 7-10 fps and i dont know how to fix it. My other games are running just fine its just skyrim that is lagging, i also tried running skyrim without mods and that did not work either and my settings were still as they were yesterday. Please post back if you think you know what is causing the lag :)

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Guest MonsterFish

All those gnomes clogging up the pipes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Open up task manager and see how much CPU is being eaten up by Skyrim. Sometimes for whatever Skyrim doesn't close when you close it and keeps running in the background and opening up another one means you have 2 copies of Skyrim eating up all that CPU

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