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Re: Body textures & armour flexibility (FO3)


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This is for FALLOUT 3


Quick question - If I install a Type3 variant body and armour replacer meshes for a different body type, will the game have a stroke? I ask because Skyrim - where I initially got into modding - has the whole BBP business to watch out for as well as most bodies being drastically different from their peers.


If it will help answer the question, here are the mods I was hoping to use in tandem:

Type 3F body replacer - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/14359

2Pac's Type3 BB armour replacer - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/2379-2pacs-type3-bb-armors-and-body-fallout-3-edition/ (second post)

A random assortment of Type3 armours on Nexus


More specifically, 2Pac's post indicates that the armour requirement is "at the very least type3 compatible textures." I'm very much aware that the 3F and BB bodies are not exactly similar (so there'll most likely be some clipping) but I should note that I'm more interested in interoperability (i.e. the game won't commit seppuku) and overall game stability than the occasional neck/hand seam or clipping. 2Pac's armour is mostly there for NPC spice.

Unless, of course, mixing 3F with 2Pac's work will cause some majour texture mismatches on either or both parties.


In a similar vein, could I expect interoperability between Type3F and, say, a "normal" Type3 armour mod? Or would I also run the two aforementioned risks?


Yes, I know you can avoid this by simply installing a custom race and having one body for NPCs and one for PCs. Tried that. The game had a stroke and my PC burst into tears.

"Why are you doing this to me?," it asked. "Is this my comeuppance for selling your search history to the government? You installed Origin on me, haven't I suffered enough?"




Cheers in advance and, if you read all that prior to answering, double the cheers. Two cheers at once. Would that involve drinking two beers simultaneously? The Americans have that wonky hat with the straws...would that count as there's technically two beers?


Something to look into.

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