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Re: Fallout 3 and custom races

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Been hunting about and there seems to be a general tossup as to whether custom races are either incredibly unstable or generally harmless (barring the whole Tranquility Lane business).

Which leads me to ask here - If I install a custom race to FO3, will the game have a stroke? This is assuming that I include a patch for Tranquility Lane of course.


And on an unrelated tangent, how forgiving is FO3 vis-a-vis body/armour type mismatches? For example, if I install Type3 bodies but use a Type6 armour mesh replacer, will the game function in the same manner as Skyrim? I.e. While armour is worn, Type6 displays; when armour is removed, Type3 appears.

Or will Fallout 3 invite me to go fuck myself and crash in a fit of pique.



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For custom races I always used DC Delight and never had any problems, not even in the Tranquility Lane quest, but if I remember correctly, if you use this custom race, you play the quest as an adult and not as a child, and again, I never had not even a single problem. Now, about the T3 and T6 question, T3 and T6 are perfectly compatible, it's like 7Base, UNP/B in Skyrim !!!

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I don't know about other custom races but there's no problem with the Tranquility Lane quest while using the DC Delight race, at least I didn't had not even a single problem and I played through this quest at least 3 times while using DC Delight, it's like I said before, the only thing is that you'll play the quest as an adult and not as a child, it's kinda like a model swap and that's it, nothing more nothing less !!!

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I use CRESOL since a long time, that fix for custom races in FO3. Don't know what it does, I never checked. But I must say I played for some thousand hours, in many playthroughs, and I never had a single issue in TL, BS or whatever.


cant you just ~showracemenu to fix a race problem in T.lane?

Guess this means losing abilities and consequently re-add them manually.

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Link to Mod CREBSOR for FO3 - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/6240/?


I believe issue stems from some custom races not having link or definition to young version of custom race and back to adult, but been a while since I plated FO3. I also used a customized version of DC Delight ( I think I created and linked the child races so did not need CREBSOR) and don't remember any issues except maybe the glove issue when exiting the simulator. The page for DC Delight lists CREBSOR as a requirement.


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